Learning About Different Leather Stamps

Leather Stamp Tools are intricately designed metal tools created to speed up your leatherwork and give it a high-quality professional look. You would be amazed at the detail that the different tools can create in your leather projects. These stamps are ideal for providing inexperienced leathercrafters of all ages with an opportunity to create more intricate and beautiful designs.

Leather Stamps are used to create artistic impressions into your leather projects. Basically the raised look you see is created by forcing down the areas that you do not want to be raised. To ensure that the impression remains in place, proper moisture content is key when you are striking the leather. Leather that is too wet or too dry will cause the impression to rise back up over time.

These tools work by either a single downward action or the double (down-up) action with each strike of the mallet. Single action tools are held firmly down so they are unable to bounce back. They are often leaned left or right, front (towards the toe) or back (towards the heel) which will give only a partial impression.

Double action tools are also known as walking tools. You would hold the tool firmly in your fingers but exerting no downward pressure. This will allow the tool to bounce back up from the leather immediately after striking and creating the impression. You can use the recoil to move the tool down a line unhindered, and make a smooth continuous impression in the leather.

Camouflage stamps – The camouflage stamp is a single action tool that is normally used to portray various textures to stems, leaves and flowers.
Pear Shader stamps – The pear shader stamp is a double action tool that is used to depress the leather to make concave areas.
Beveler stamps – The beveler is also a double action tool. It is used to give relief to the various objects that are within the design.
Veiner stamps – The veiner is a single action tool and is used to give the effect of veins in leaves.
Seeder stamps – The seeder is used for creating the seed pods of flowers and it is also a single action tool.
Backgrounder stamps – The backgrounder can be used as either a single action or a double action tool on larger areas. It is used to mat down the background area of the design.
Geometric stamps – Geometric stamps are used for many decorative and special effect purposes. With just one geometric tool, you can cover a large area with a nice design in minimal time.
Border Stamps – Border stamps can be used by themselves to create a decorative frame around leatherwork. They are also used around basketweave or geometric designs to fill in any unevenness around your leather projects border areas.
Figure Carving stamps – Leather figure carving stamps were envisioned to help you create leather carvings that depict animals, foliage and landscapes. Also, many of these stamps can also be used for border designs, too.
Stop stamps – Stops are used primarily at the end of swivel knife cuts, on a floral design, to enhance its appearance. They can also be used at the base of flower petals, leaves and many other areas to give more definition to the pattern and to create special effects.
Flower Center stamps – Create beautiful bouquets using flower and leaf stamps together or use them individually to create decorative floral borders.
Leaf Stamps – Use these leaf stamps in conjunction with the flower center and veiner stamps to make beautiful bouquet designs or you can use them on their own to create a decorative leaf border design.

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