How to work with leather

Leather tools refer to utilities and equipment used for working with leather. There are many available tools, all designed specific tasks. The type to get depends on the job at hand. The following example shows some of the tools used.

Required Tools for Working with Leather

Round knife

Leather needle


Edge shave

Leather creaser

Saddlers hammer

Step 1

Use a blunt edged knife to add an ornamental line to the leather. You can improve its efficiency by heating the creaser. Use the screw creaser to set a parallel line. The creaser must have two blades hooked by a thumb screw. Run the blade at the work piece corner.

Step 2

The awl is used for threading and cutting holes. The awls are made like blades and can be molded into holes or squares. This will allow you to make different types of holes for the leather. Just push the leather in the blade and slice the thread holes.

Step 3

Hold the edge of the leather and press it down with the round knife. Push the knife by the line cut. Make sure the center of the blade lines up with the leather’s edge.

You can also do skiving with the leather knife. Reverse the leather as you line its edge with the bench edge. Hold the knife at the required bevel and push. Make sure you hold the bench straps as you pull the knife.

Step 4

Take the edge shave and hold it at the needed angle. Push it away along a straight edge. This leather tool is best employed for finishing off edges by slicing the bevel. The edge shave can be utilized on the grain and flesh side.

Step 5

The leather needle is best used for cutting holes rather than ordinary needles. This tool has a sharp end that can stitch leather. This makes it useful for making bags, saddles and other materials. The flat leather lacing needle is more suited for lacing.

Step 6

The saddler’s hammer is used to drive in tacks into leather. The hammer can also be used for shaping leather. To create leather loops, place the leather at a stick and tape the leather using the hammer. Use the wedged end to work on the corner sections.

Tips for Working with Leather

Use a French curve or hard ruler when calculating curves and lines on leather. The best measuring tools are those made of metal. These can be utilized to make straight edges where leather can be cut against. Use felt tip pens to mark the lines on the leather.

To clean leather, use a leather deglazer or bleach. Apply these cleaning tools before you do any work on it. Follow the instructions on how to use the cleaner; it may vary per product.

There are many types of leather tools, and to use them effectively you must know what each utility is for. By knowing the tools required for cutting holes, making loops etc, working with leather will be easier to do.

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