Tanning leather with alum at home

Tanning leather with alum. These are chromium-potassium and alum-potassium, in addition, aluminum is used (such alum was used in photography). In order to achieve the maximum effect, a special chromium solution (extract) is used (but it is not for home use, because it is very poisonous).

For home use other methods of tanning.

Tanning with chrome alum is the most common method of tanning, but when tanning light skins, chrome stains them and therefore light skins are either smeared with chrome solution or the method of tanning with aluminum alum is used. But when using aluminum alum, there are disadvantages, because there is a problem with the choice of substances for fattening because aluminum acids in contact with fat substances form insoluble Soaps.
There are two main types of leather tanning:
– the skin is dipped in solution;
– smeared with tannins.
Chrome tanning is the most popular method of tanning hides and furs. The skin on both sides become soft and pleasant to the touch, although the strength of the skin treated in this way may decrease. If the skin after tanning plan to paint, the ideal option would be chrome tanning. If there is a problem with the strength, then after beading the skin is treated with soda ash, thus neutralizing the chrome effect.
green alum for tanning leather
green alum for tanning leather

Chrome alum there are two types – purple and green.

Purple do not lose their properties in a cold environment, as well as in a solution whose temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius. But if you melt the chrome alum, it will turn green.
Green alum are the most effective when tanning. In solution with alum it is necessary to add table salt. Also to tanning was complete and tannins penetrated deep into the skin or skin, it is necessary to increase the alkalinity of the solution, this can be achieved by adding small portions of soda to the solution, but it is important to note that when you add a large amount of soda at once, the skin will not be able to completely break through, tanning will be only on the upper layer, preventing the penetration of the solution into the skin.
purple alum for tanning leather
purple alum for tanning leather

Aluminum alum for tanning skins

Tanning with aluminum alum occurs in the same way, in the composition of the solution it is necessary to add 5{fc2d095140d8fdbb7d7e639a7433537780cd607a150963f3dff522d3a3d758ec} more aluminum alum than in the preparation of chromium solution. It is recommended to apply the alum and sulphate of aluminum. The addition of salt varies in proportions of 25{fc2d095140d8fdbb7d7e639a7433537780cd607a150963f3dff522d3a3d758ec} of the total number of alum. When tanning with aluminum alum, the skin will be much stronger than with chrome. But tanning with pure aluminum is unreliable, because it is easily washed away so in most cases it is better to combine aluminum alum with chrome and conduct a mixed tanning. When tanning with aluminum alum, tannic liquid can be spread on the skin, but the concentrate of the solution changes, i.e. the amount of alum increases to 100 grams per 1 liter of water, and the salt to 40 grams, it is also useful to add 30 grams of glycerin to such a solution.
Any kind of tanning it is recommended that the hides are left lying up to 12 hours. If desired, the hides are left lying, you can replace formic sodium and talc. Before painting the skins tanned with aluminum alum, be sure to re-tanning and maximum greasing.

What is alum.

Of course, everyone had a question about the origin of alum, or even their location. Alum can be purchased in the store of chemicals or in the store of photographic equipment, where the film is sold. Such alum used to create color photos.
Method of application of alum for tanning:
7 grams of alum per 1 liter of water (also used mixed tanning, then the proportion of alum – 3,5+3,5/L.) it is mandatory to add salt. Salt is added in the following proportions: 1 liter of water, 60 grams of salt.  The composition should be thoroughly mixed, alum easier to breed in boiling water. Tanning can be done at home using conventional glassware or jar.

After the above actions, immerse the skin in the solution. Tanning of the skin with alum occurs from 12 to 24 hours. Skins during tanning must be mixed as the solution itself, so that it does not settle.
Tanning is used after pickling, it is very important not to wash the skins after pickling, because it will lead to a negative result. After treatment of the skin with a solution of salt and acid, put on the beading, make a solution for tanning and immerse the skins there. After tanning, straighten and lay the skins as well on the beading for 12 hours, the skins can and should be washed to avoid odors. First, the skins need to wash, better to do it in the water with the powder. Then just rinse in plain water. If the skin is dark, you can not wash, but rinse and hang to the skin of glass.
Folk skin tanning method
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