How Leather Hides and Artistry Make Beautiful Furniture

When you think about high quality leatherfurniture what might come to mind are European furniture manufactures who have had centuries of experience in working with tanning leather hides and building solid hardwood frame furnishings. European colonists brought many of those furniture building techniques handed down through the ages to America in the 1700’s and those techniques and traditions still continue here today. Technology has advanced much in the last 300 years and many modern manufacturing advances and innovations have been introduced into the process of building a piece a furniture and in the tanning of leather but the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each piece still continues. In this article we’ll look at American leather furniture manufacturing, European leather hides and the role these tanneries still play today in American made furniture.

European tanneries have existed since ancient history. Tanning by ancient methods would be considered quite crude by modern standards today, however these methods were very effective in processing hides and tanning them for use. Ancient tanneries were often found on the outskirts of town. Uses for these leather hides during those times included water skins, harnesses, boots, sandals as well as bags and armor. The process of tanning has evolved much over the centuries and leather hides are imported from European tanneries to American furniture manufacturers to be used many varieties of furniture.

What makes leather furniture so sought after is that it exhibits natural characteristics in every hide which makes each piece unique. It is this unique surface texture of natural barb wire markings, bite and stretch marks that give character to the furniture that you won’t find anywhere else. These features are most often retained in the higher grades of leather which offer the soft, supple feel that is buttery and smooth to the touch. These characteristics are much enjoyed in leather furniture and often only found in leather from the oldest tanneries.

Leather exhibits natural characteristics that make each piece unique. Today, the combination of old world European leather tanning and modern American manufacturing makes for a very high end piece of furniture. American leather furniture manufacturing make use of quality construction techniques and hardwood frames then combines these with high quality leather hides from top European tanneries to create furniture built to last. If you’ve been hesitant to shop leather because of quality, consider American leather furniture manufacturers who are committed to using the highest quality and materials available in the market. You’ll be pleased with what you find.

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