Leather Cleaning Tips

Leather still needs some basic care to maintain its durability and good appearance. Most leather crafts are relatively easy to maintain depending on how you take care of them. Nonetheless, here are some basic tips to clean your leather.

You must know the type of leather you are cleaning so you would have the proper cleaning materials for it. Different kinds of leather can have different kinds of cleaning materials. This is to ensure the quality and appearance of your leather.

To clean your aniline and pigmented leather, you can use good quality leather cleaner after which you can use a leather conditioner. You can also use leather protector if you wish. This method of cleaning is effective on vomit, chewing gum, makeup, milk or other baby formulas and other similar stains. This cleaning method does not work on ink, grease and oil stains.

If stains come from pizza cheese, oils, grease and bodily oils you have to use a leather stain de-greaser. Then clean it with leather cleaner followed by leather conditioner.

If your leather is made from suede or nubuck you can remove the stains by using leather cleaner but with a special cloth especially used only for nubuck and suede.

If your leather has paint stains on it, the cleaning process can be quite difficult. If the paint is water-based, you can try cleaning it with soap and water. If it does not work, then you have to take your leather to professional leather cleaner.

For odors, you can use a non-toxic enzyme based cleaner especially made to clean leather. You can find this in pet stores. It is effective in getting rid of bacteria that causes bad odors on your leather.

The best leather care you can do for your leather is prevention. Take care when you are eating so foodstuffs don’t fall or smear on your leather. Always be on guard where you sit or lean to protect your leather. If you are not sure how to clean your leather, just take it to a professional so you won’t have worries of ruining it if you try to clean it yourself.

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