Using Leather Stamps for Fun

Leathercraft is a broad topic involving many tasks. Stamping leather is one of those leisurely activities you can do. Some people do leather stamping as an income generating activity. By using leather stamps or shaped tools, you can make word, letters, images and pictures among other decorative designs on leather. It might take you sometime before you can master the art of using leather stamps.

However, stamping leather is one of the most fun and simplest artistic tasks you can do. Embossed or tooled leather are other terms used to refer to stamped leather. You should not get confused if you come across these terms. Any leather textile you have is not necessarily fit for stamping. To be specific, leather planned for stamping is often cut thick to allow different designs to be created on it.

A leatherworker intending to leather stamp must prepare the leather. Usually, artisans moisten the textile before they can stamp out the shapes. After stamping, the leather is left to dry after which it is treated with special water resistant creams. The creams are necessary to make the stamped designs last for a long time.

Once the leather is stamped properly, it could be used to make:
* Belts
* Decorative bags
* Badges
* Patches
* Shoes and
* Handbags

You are allowed to be as creative as you can with your stamped leather. Some companies deals with mass stamping activities. This explains why it is easy to find stamped leather with leather studs or presses. Leather factories mainly buy this type of leather because it does not require further preparation.

Stamped leather is readily available if you want to buy it. Those who would rather not can do leather stamping by hands. This is still not an easy task. You need to have hand tools, which are different from the commercial leathercraft stamps. Do not worry about where you can buy the tools.

Some stores sell an inclusive stamping kit. It has everything you require to create designs as you wish on leather. You require a mallet to help you knock the stamping tools gently. Are you perhaps a beginner who does not know a lot about leather let alone stamping it? There are classes situated in various arts and crafts institutions or centers. Attending a few lessons is very important to enable you learn the basics.

Learning in class alone is not enough. You must spend enough time practicing using your books and tools. Additionally, you should set up one of your rooms as a workshop. In this spacious room, store all your leathercraft stamping tools, sewing tools, and carving tools among others. By doing it you will also be taking a good safety precaution measure.

Where to find stamping resources

Those who want to begin stamping require extra leathercraft stamps resources. In this day and age, you should not worry about finding these resources. Take your time to search the Internet. There are many websites that sell stamping tools and everything else. Furthermore, some sites value giving you extra tips and knowledge about leather in general. They also give you good stamping tips as a starter. Choose your tools vigilantly before paying for them.

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