Leather sewing machine Janome 4120QDC


leather sewing machine Janome 4120QDC:

Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a powerful, quiet sewing machine which has a diverse range of built-in stitches and great automation features which make sewing easier. This machine is very impressive when it comes to its amazing features and the ability to sew quickly and conveniently.


  • The Janome 4120QDC has a very powerful DC motor that lets you sew quickly and efficiently like a pro.
  • Very reliable and stable machine for sewing.
  • With 120 built-in stitches, you can choose from a huge range of decorative stitches.
  • It is computerized, so you can set a ‘recall’ feature for stitch patterns that you want to use.
  • It can do monogramming.
  • Comes with a hard cover for storing.
  • The machine is backed by a 20 year warranty for the actual parts of it, 2 for the electrical components of the machine, and one year for the labor. However, you might want to check on the terms of the manufacturer when it comes to the warranty, because there are certain things that can void it.


  • The other features are great! Performance is also very impressive. But the font is limited to just one, so that is all you can work with.

Guarantee: 20-year warranty on parts, 2-year warranty on electronics, 1-year warranty on labor.

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The Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine is definitely the best machine that you can work with, if you are looking for one that can do top quality stitches for all of your sewing projects. It is also fully automatic, so you can just work on the settings, and let the machine do most of the job for you.

The sewing machine is also very reliable and can work with almost all types of fabric with ease.

So far, this machine works great! You can use it for your personal sewing projects, or you can use it for business too! It is considered an entry level sewing machine, but you can easily say that the features that come with it are also some of the features that you can get from more expensive and high end machines in the market.

Sewing machines like the Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine are a must have in every home. You will surely save lots of money from buying things to decorate your home like drapes and linens, because now, you can easily work on them on a weekend, and never have to spend again.


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