Overstitch sewing roulette Vergez Blanchard

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Overstitch sewing roulette Vergez Blanchard

  • Adjustable Leather Pricking Marker With 4 Wheels
  • High-quality steel / wood. Made in France
  • 4 wheels set: #7,8,10 & 12

This is an adjustable stitching wheel tool that comes with 4 different in size heads. Run the wheel carefully in a line over where you wish to stitch to produce even stitch marks on your leather.

The teeth on each wheel are individually sharpened creating a very effective tool.

This kit is made by experts and will last long years.

This set has a reservoir at the end of the handle containing three additional wheels (total of four).

The wheels are also removable so you can swap out new or different sized wheels to suite your needs.

Wheel size:

  • Size 7 – 3.85mm
  • Size 8 – 3.40mm
  • Size 10 – 2.70mm
  • Size 12 – 2.25mm

Tool dimensions:

  • Length – 285mm
  • Weight – 350g

1 review for Overstitch sewing roulette Vergez Blanchard

  1. Charles

    I have been looking for this tool for a long time, it is incredible.

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