Leather Pyrography Pen 21 in 1

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Looking for a quality and inexpensive Leather Pyrography Pen with interchangeable tips? Do you need a universal device? This is exactly what you need, as this tool is ideal for both wood and leather. You can engrave on a wood, at the same time, if you want to make a gift to your loved ones, you can easily engrave on a leather wallet, belt or other genuine leather product. A great set for both professional and beginner. By purchasing such a tool, you can take up a hobby or a serious business in the production of leather goods. Hand engraved on leather is appreciated by both craftsmen and buyers.

This tool has two modes, with different power that allows to lower heating temperature during the work with soft materials, such as leather.

Has in its set 21 tip + storage box: tip soldering point, razor blade tip, calligraphy tip, tip with groove, point tip, pattern transfer tip, tip with stripes, stamping tip, knife tip and others.

In addition, you will receive a complete user manual, which explains in detail how to use the tool and how to use the tips to achieve more beautiful patterns on the leather and wood.

The kit also includes a stencil with an alphabet and a solid metal stand to hold the handle.

The main advantages: a convenient handle, a large selection of nozzles, heats up quickly and keeps the temperature, easy to use.

Cons: lack of temperature control, but has a power switch.

Special conditions:

  • Warranty replacement handle in case of breakage.

2 reviews for Leather Pyrography Pen 21 in 1

  1. Stark

    Good tool, thanks, I recommend.

  2. Eddy

    Great pyrography pen, thanks

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